A Man For The Weekend (AMFTW) is unarguably the most talked about Cameroonian movie on social media this year. When the trailer was released, it immediately went viral and everyone was talking about the movie. AMFTW is a movie produced by Syndy Emade and Directed by Achille Brice, its stars Alex Ekubo, Syndy Emade, Nchifor Valery, Becky Takang, NKwah kingsly, Ojong Solange and Miss lee. When I first saw the trailer, I  was captivated and couldn’t wait to watch. Going in to watch this movie I had a lot of expectations and did the movie meet my expectations?… Well lets see…

A Man for the weekend is a Romantic comedy about a lady called Candace Ayuk Played by syndy Emade who has everything going for her, Good Job, Beautiful etc but her mum keeps pressurizing her to get married against her wish. Due to so much pressure from her mum to get a man, she lies to her mum that she has a man which leads to her mum inviting them for a weekend dinner, In confusion and frustration, she decides to hire a man called Brian Played by Alex Ekubo to present to her mum so she could get off her back. While at her mum’s house during the weekend, several incidence starts happening between both the girl, her trophy boyfriend and the entire family in general. (No spoilers) you guys absolutely need to watch this movie.

To begin, there were some things I liked about this movie and the first will have to be the story, A good movie always starts with a good script and then the Director’s vision. I thought the script writer did an amazing job with his writing and I equally applaud the Director for bringing the script to life.The story was beautifully told and at a fast pace, there were may be one or two irrelevant scenes but I taught the movie was quick and easy to follow. secondly the chemistry between Syndy’s Character and Alex’s Character was amazing, they both worked very well together and that translated very well on screen. Alex is such a good actor and he did justice to his role. The production quality was good, lighting was good though I thought some color pattern in some scenes were a little too much and unreal for a home, it seemed as if the gaffer had so many gels and wanted to use all in one movie. Cinematography was just ok, nothing over the top. The sound was great, very clear and the soundtrack (performed by Daphne just for the movie) was equally good.

However, I had some issues with the casting, I thought OJong solange could have done better with her acting, Solange is a good actor in her own right but I thought she wasn’t the right pick for that particular role, she wasn’t consistent in her interpretation, one moment she will be doing well and then next moment she just falls flat. Secondly, considering the fact that this movie was suppose to be a Romantic Comedy, I expected more comedy than what we had in the movie, there was comedy but it didn’t come across strongly for me, I had never seen syndy do comedy before in a movie and I taught she really tried.

All in all AMFTW is a great movie and yes it met my expectations but for the few minor issues I mentioned above. One a scale of 1 -10 am rating A Man For The Weekend a 7/10. If you haven’t watched the movie yet make sure you do and if you have already let us know that you think about the movie. Thanks and see you next time on another Movie review.


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