Cameroon Actors Lynno Lovert and Epule Jeffrey were involved in a fight in the early hours of sunday the 19th which led to Epule Jeffrey’s head been broken. For all those who thought this situation was going to make them enemies for life, well sorry to disappoint you guys because Lynno Lovert has now come out to apologies to his colleague and friend Epule Jeffrey, See what he wrote in on his Facebook page

Lynno Lovert 

I think it is the right time for me to come out and say this to all my fans, family and friends. I know most of you are disappointed in me for my actions towards my friend Epule Jeffrey. I want you to know you are right to be angry and disappointed. I am disappointed in myself as well because I believe as two adults we could and should have handled our differences more maturely. It is a shame that we let ourselves to behave so poorly in public but I want you all to know Jeffrey and I sat down yesterday and I apologized to him and I’m still going to say it again. Jeffrey I am so sorry for what I did to you and I wished I didn’t let anger get the best of me. I have preached peace for so long and yet I let anger got the better of me.For all who have extended their opinions and for all who have reached out to both of us I want to sincerely appreciate you for it and thank you very much for not giving up on us. And to my fans, family and friends I say I’m so sorry for being so childish and irresponsible. There is more to me than violence and I strongly condemn violence of any sort. I want to believe we have both learnt from it and we are rising above it big. Hope you continue to support and love us. I also want to appreciate people like The delegate of Culture for southwest, Mr Atem Ebai Jerome, The board Chairman of the Cameroon film Industry Mr Alexander, Mr BillyBob Ndive Lifongo, Mr Musi Waa and Mr Chi Chi Ladislav who never gave up on us but rather stood as mediators for peace between us. Thank you all so much.

with such a heart felt apology, We hope Jeffrey forgives him so that they can continue working together and giving us good movies. We hope this serves as an example to all those who keep bearing grudges in their heart towards each other especially in the entertainment industry. What do you guys think about Lynno’s Apology?


  1. I really think dat’s a bold step from lovert,it is good wen we offend p’ple and admit it and apologize,dis misunderstandings are normal between men,like he said they both got carried away by anger but it’s a good thing they both have settled their differences and I really think Jeffrey will forgive him,dats what we do,we fight and settle,MALE POWER GUYS,kudos,we look 4ward to u guys working together.


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