Cameroonian Film maker Gassama Mariama popularly known as Marybenz Benz has just released the trailer for the highly anticipated Drama TV Series titled “THREE WIVES” and we are already loving it. Three wives is a story about three young couples The Ikome’s, The Lifange’s and The Ekwas’s. As the story unfolds, we meet these three young couples in their matrimonial struggles. we see Becky, wife to Mr Ikome trying to corrupt the other wives so that they should continuously have problems with their husbands while she is living happily with her husband. Things later on change when patience, Mr Lifange’s wife gets pregnant. Due to jealousy, Becky equally wants to get pregnant for her husband but the Big question is; Do all Men take the news of pregnancy the same way?


As the drama continues, sylvia comes to Mr Lifange’s house as a maid to help patience around since her husband didn’t want anything to happen to the baby….has Mr Lifongo just brought in a surrogate for Mr Ekwa’s wife who is finding it difficult to conceive or what? but the saying goes, “not all that glitters is gold”… Who infected Slyvia with HIV, is it Mr Ekwa? or she brought it from the pit of hell?…The three wives finally became pregnant but did they get what was expected for their husbands? What did they do to make their husbands hands on Dads? Find out all these and more in this captivating drama TV series from Freme Filmz


Three wives was beautifully Written, produced and Directed by Gassama Mariama Ikome and it comprises of a young and extremely talented casts such as Fonde Collins who plays the role of Mr Ikome, Bechem Bisong who plays the role of Mr Ekwa, Mbulav Sornila who plays Mr Lifange, Mbeng Lilian who plays Becky, Eyong Marie who plays Ruth, Wung Violet who plays the role of Patience, Elodie Tah who plays Sylvia amongst other cameroonian actors and actresses. The series which is a Marybenz Production comprises of Two (2) seasons with 52 Episode per season. it was shot on location in Buea, South west Region of Cameroon which is the Entertainment Hub of Cameroon.

Three Wives is one TV series which promises to be exciting because it is filled with suspense, pain, betrayal and more. This series will definitely have Cameroonians rushing back home when its goes on TV next year. Get ready for this master piece coming to you very soon.

Click the video below to watch the Trailer of Three Wives (Season One).



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